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A framework for audio software development

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Cabbage is a framework for audio software development.
Using simple markup text and the Csound audio synthesis language users can target Windows, OSX, Linux and Android with a single piece of source code.

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Cabbage Studio (Beta)

Cabbage Studio is a Csound based DAW with a fully functional patching interface and development environment. Develop, prototype and test Csound based audio instruments on the fly using an integrated development solution that includes an embedded source code editor and rapid GUI designer. Cabbage Studio isn't just for users familiar with Csound, it can load a number of different plugin formats including VST, AU, and LADSPA and comes with over 100 high end audio plugins ready to use out of the box.

Cabbage for Android

Cabbage for Android will let you run any of your Cabbage plugins on an Android smart phone.

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Cabbage AU (Beta)

Cabbage AU is a dedicated AudioUnit front-end for Cabbage. Unlike the Cabbage VST interface, CabbageAU is a single plugin. Once loaded into a DAW, users can open any Cabbage instruments they wish and load as many instances of CabbageAU as they want. Saving the DAW session will also save the instruments associated with each instance.


Cross Platform

Cabbage can be run on Windows, OSX and on Linux.

Standalone Software

Cabbage instruments and effects can easily be exported and run as standalone software without the need of a host program or DAW.

VST Export

Users can export instruments and effects as fully functional plugins to be run inside your favourite host/DAW.


Users can share plugins/instruments as text files to be used on Windows, OSX, Linux and Android.

Python Scripts

Custom Python scripts can be embedded directly into an instrument's underlying source code.


Cabbage can be run as a multichannel software, both in standalone and in audio plugin mode.


Csound can be used to automate any of the plugin controls, and to save and load session data.

MIDI Instruments

Not into audio processing? That's Ok, Cabbage lets you easily build MIDI only instruments.

Signal Gen

Users have up to 1300 different signal generators/modifiers available.

Control Widgets

Csound can be used to control the state and behavior of any widget. This means widgets can be programmed to move around the screen, change colour or size, morph or fade into other controls, as well as lots of other funky operations!

GUI Controls

GUI controls, include sliders/knobs/buttons, xy-pads and waveform/envelope editors, checkboxes, text editors, file browsers, etc. GUIs can be implemented directly in simple mark-up language, or via drag and drop once in Edit mode.

Theme with SVG

Customise your Widgets with Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg's).

OSC Support

Both desktop and Android versions of Cabbage support OSC. Cabbage instruments can be built to take control of other instruments, or indeed third party software over a shared network.


I lost 40 pounds since I started using Cabbage.

John, Manchester

Someone told me Marilyn Manson likes Cabbage because it's intuitively easy to use.

Gleb, St.Petersburg

My music used to make children cry. But since using Cabbage the children laugh and dance with joy.

Stephane, Montreal

We couldn't throw a ninja stars until we started using Cabbage.

Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo, NYC

Before Cabbage I was single, broke, and had to beg for food. Now I live in Beverly Hills with a supermodel wife, I drive a red Lamborghini, and all of my children are members to MENSA!

Paul, California

Our laboratory tests have shown that Cabbage provides all the nutrition a growing musician needs.

Dr. Klaus Fälschen, Munich