Distributing Cabbage instruments (Plugins/Standalone)

Cabbage users developing instruments will have Csound installed, but your target audience may not. In order to avoid the need for them to pre-install Csound you can simply distribute Csound with your instruments. The best way to do this is to create an installer for your instrument that installs Csound along with all of your Cabbage files. There are several easy to use package builders for both OSX and Windows that can be used to create simple all in one installers.

If you wish to distribute instruments that work in standalone mode, i.e., outside of a host, you may want to create an instrument that runs 'out of the box' as a single standalone. To do this you can create a 'standalone' or 'single instance' Cabbage instrument. In order to do this you must copy the Cabbage binary(.exe on Windows, .app on OSX), and rename it to the name of your corresponding .csd file. For instance, if one creates an instrument and saves the file as CabbageIceCream.csd they must then copy and rename the Cabbage binary to CabbageIceCream.exe. Remember to make sure that the two files reside in the same folder. When you open the newly created CabbageIceCream.exe Cabbage will automatically launch the instrument in a simplified host. The simplified host is missing certain menu commands such 'Open Editor', 'Build Instrument', etc. It will only allow you to change the audio settings and toggle Audio/On and off. This standalone mode hides the nuts and bolts of your software and provides the user with a simple, user-friendly interface to create music with.

If you wish to provide a set of instruments in standalone mode simply copy and rename Cabbage to something else and place it into the same directory as your .csd files. When users open the renamed Cabbage binary a file chooser dialog will list all the available instruments. Users can then quicly swap between the various instruments. As with the case of plugins above, you can distribute Csound with the application so that the end-user doesn't need to have Csound installed.